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to RH Partnering in Glendale, Arizona & KPFF Consulting Engineers in Seattle, Washington, for two VE studies at the Walla Walla State Penitentiary; and to NCE, Limited, and VMS, Inc., for two VE studies for the New York Department of Correction, Rikers Island, and the City of New York, Office of Management & Budgets.

to the Snapka Law Firm, Corpus Christie, Texas for a plaintiffs in a Wrongful Death Action originally filed in the District Court, 79th Judicial District, Brooks County, Texas, transferred to United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, McAllen Division. In October, 2012, a jury verdict and judgement for the plaintiff was rendered; and to La Follette, Johnson, DeHaas, Fesler, Silberberg & Ames, Attorneys at Law, for defendants in a 100 million dollar Federal Civil Action in Riverside, California.

toCanizaro Cawthon Davis Architects, Jackson, Mississippi, as the Correctional Security Consultant for the design/build of a 44,000 square foot, $8.2 million Law Enforcement Center project for the City of Meridian, Mississippi; and to Winzler & Kelly Consulting Engineers, Santa Rosa, California, on the San Quentin State Prison Condemned Inmate Complex Project.

LSA Consulting LLC is a small business conceived to provide services in the fields of Correctional & Public Management and Administration.  Our objective is to provide critical services to Correctional Management Professionals.  It is our goal to deliver the very best counsel to those in public service who are responsible for safety and security in the Correctional field.  We provide concise, independent and objective evaluations and clear alternatives and recommendations to decision makers.

LSA Consulting LLC's professionals are not security consultants in the typical consulting genre. Instead, we are individuals whose careers and experiences are in the field of professional corrections as staff, supervisors, managers and administrators. It's why we can deliver more than a promise; we deliver solutions for 21st century corrections.


Additionally, for those companies who contract with correctional entities, LSA Consulting LLC will serve as an adjunct consultant capable of providing user perspective to improve the success of your project.

For developers of Correctional technologies and security products, LSA Consulting LLC can assist in marketing strategies to identify the potential benefits and security/monetary advantages that your system or product might offer.

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