Our staff’s experience as principal design managers on such projects as Pelican Bay State Prison, Corcoran State Prison, Centinela State Prison and Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility at Rock Mountain have sharpened their skill sets and prepared them for difficult design challenges. Each of these prisons had a design and construction budget exceeding $200 million. Many of our experts served as the state security and user representative in the planning, design and construction phases, working with the architects, engineers, capital expenditure management team, state project director, construction manager, construction contractors and others.

Emergency Operations

Our staff also worked on several other new prison projects as both an adjunct state representative and, occasionally, as a specialist assigned to develop or assist in designing particular and/or unique aspects of the prison's housing and security. These projects included: Avenal State Prison, Chuckawalla State Prison, Mule Creek State Prison, Salinas Valley State Prison, Northern California Women's Facility, California State Prison Solano, California State Prison Sacramento, Valley State Prison for Women, Southern Maximum Security Complex (now part of the California Correctional Institution), and three - 500 bed medium security additions in Jamestown, Tehachapi and Susanville.

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Prison Design and Construction


Since the early 1980s, the California Department of Corrections (CDC) added a total of 21 new prisons and several prison additions adding 113,904 new beds to its prison system at a cost of $5.27 billion.

During that time, many of our experts worked in the Design and Activation Branch of the Planning & Construction Division (P&CD) of CDC, and were involved in the design, construction review and/or activation of all 21 of the new prisons (as well as the three - 500 bed and an 8900 bed Emergency Addition Projects) .

Some of our staff were members and managers of the CDC Technology Transfer Committee and evaluated and piloted a number of new correctional technologies. Those mentioned here are only a partial listing of projects and technologies that PSGLSA Consulting or its principal and associate consultants have worked on.

Publications - Contributions

Larry was a contributor to an American Correctional Association publication prepared under a National Institute of Corrections grant; entitled "Correctional Technology: A User's Guide".

Prison Design and Construction Criteria and Prototypes

The Planning and Construction Division of the California Department of Corrections developed a number of policies/procedures and prototypical information and designs to aid in the new prison design and construction process. A number of our staff were responsible for the development of the following standards and guidelines for the CDC.

New Prison Policy Guidelines

Design Criteria Guidelines

New Prison Space Standards

Prototypical Prison Drawings


Many of our staff have worked as Training Officers allowing them the experience to develop training and other programs and materials still being used in California's Prison System today. These include:

On the Job Training Modules

Background Investigator Manual

Counselor Training and Manual

Background Investigator Training Academy (160 hours)

Technologies Piloted/Developed

  1. 1)The TSI Prisim (Technology Systems International, inc.)

  2. 2)The Identix Fingerprint Identification System

  3. 3)The Hydro-Force Water Restraint System (WRS)

  4. 4)The X-10 Cell Extractor

  5. 5)The Lethal Electrified Fence

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